Guest House & Guest Rooms

Marie-José & Patrick ESTUBIER

04200 CHATEAUNEUF VAL SAINT DONAT (Alpes de Haute Provence)

In the heart of " Haute-Provence",   

At the foot of the "Lure" mountain (1826m), on its southern slope,

In the small peaceful village of Châteauneuf-Val-Saint-Donat,

                                    Marie-Jo & Patrick                               

reserve you a warm welcome, in all simplicity,

To accompany you in the discovery of local values and traditions..

Peacefulness, authenticity, charm and comfort are assured !

Open throughout the whole year ! Here, each season is charming !...                    

" This country is of such a variety as it challenges the unity(unit), 10 km to the right or to the left are enough to disorient you, this set(group) hills, valleys, trays and high mountains is of a rippling and diverse beauty. It is par excellence the homeland of the light and the silence. The one who will want to enter these happy territories, will find opened doors. (J. Giono).


" Motocycle welcome."

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